I charge at different rates depending on the nature of the work and the way in which it is being funded. Please contact me for a quotation.
For individual therapy I am usually able to provide an appointment within two weeks. For legal reports I can usually produce a report within two months of receiving instructions. However you would need to get in touch with me to get a more accurate estimate of the waiting time as my work load tends to fluctuate.
Usually between 5 and 15 sessions. These are initially once per week. The last few sessions may be less frequent, for example once per month.
  • Clinical Neuropsychology e.g. assessment of brain damage.
  • Assessment of educational needs. I can provide assessments of dyslexia but I am not qualified to advise on the type of tuition or specialist help that would be required within school. For this you would need to see an educational psychologist.
  • Forensic psychology e.g. assessment of offenders (including risk of re-offending), eye witness testimony, offender profiling, witness reliability etc.